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ManufacturerStainless Steel Doors,China Stainless Steel Doors

  • Post Date:  Apr 23,2010
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Stainless Steel Doors detailed description: Stainless Steel Door is made of pure high grade stainless steel, 1.5mm in thickness. It is consisted of the head part, the door body, tail part, wiring slot, guide rails etc. Available gate heights are 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m. The head part, embodying motor and chain in a sealed metal case, can go forward and backward along fixed rails, flexible. It can be installed with LED, on which digital time, date, or advertisement can be displayed. The gate body is consisted of a number of panels, which is made of casted stainless steel tube and have several casted shapes; then all the panels are connected with rods to make a whole body. The tail part, fastened to one Jamb, immovable, is enforced panels. To fix rails is a work of construction; with rails, the gate can slide quicker. Our rails are made of high-quality steel. All the wires are fixed in the wiring slot, free from any potential damage, such as the corrosion of rain and wind.
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