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Paper based brake disc for hydraulic motor

  • Post Date:  Oct 31,2012
  • Expiry Date:  Nov 15,2012
  • Price Terms:  
  • Pachaging:  Carton, or upon customer's specifications
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Paper based friction material have strong abrasion resistance, high friction coefficient and temperature resistance, offering smooth and stable clutching transmission ,suitable for motorcycles, cars, construction machinery, mineral machinery, vessel machinery, etc.


Technical data:

1. Friction Coefficient: μd=0.11-0.15, μS=0.12-0.17

2.Wear Rate: ≤5.0×10-8cm3/J

3. Specific Pressure in Applicatiion: ≤6Mpa

4. Linear Velocity: ≤40m/s

5. Oil Temperature in Operation: ≤120


1) High friction coefficient
2) Stable performance
3) We can produce the friction plate according to your samples

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